ARTICLE: Schubert Swan Song to salute music composer wrote in final year of his life

The San Diego Union-Tribune
George Varga
March 22, 2018

When it came to deciding who would play the high parts and low parts in their four-handed piano performance of Schubert’s famed Fantasy in F Minor, Garrick Ohlsson weighed in with an argument that Inon Barnatan simply couldn’t stand up against.

“I suggested Inon should play the primo, the higher piano part, because — and this will sound silly — I am considerably larger in height, width and weight than him,” Ohlsson recalled with a burst of laughter from his San Francisco home.

“I said to Inon: ‘If I play the primo, you’ll be invisible to the audience! The geeky reason I could give you is that the primo is more difficult, so I let Inon have it!”